Week One: June 30th - July 6th | Week Two: July 7th - 13th 2019


Camp Metamorphosis Ontario is a week long program designed to "Live the Faith". The weekly program incorporates various activities, events and worship services that focus on this. Campers are required to participate in all aspects of the program. They are supported by their fellow campers and counselors. Some of the programs are as follows;

Orthodox Life (O.L): During this session, we learn and discuss more about how to "Live the Faith". Priests, presbyteres and seminarians provide opportunities for discussions, asking questions and finding the answers about our rich Orthodox Christian tradition.

Arts and Crafts/Iconography: This session gives the campers an opportunity to make icons, crosses, picture frames and more... . The youth work with various materials to create their own expressions of their faith and help them discover their talents.

Greek Culture and Hymnology: This session is to learn about Greek history, as well as the various types of traditional dance which explore the different regions of Greece. Also, the campers and counselors discover and understand the beauty of Orthodox Hymnology & Chanting.

Athletics/Aquatics: During the Athletics, many sports are offered, such as soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, archery and other team building activities. Also swimming, canoeing, paddle boating and the water slide are all activities not only offered during program but also throughout the campers free-time.

Social Orthodox Christians (S.O.C): This session revolves around engaging current events and world issues and how they affect Orthodox Christians.

Walk with God: This session incorporates hiking into the surrounding wilderness, learning the basic survival skills, while simultaneously developing a respect and appreciation of God's creation.

Worship Services: We begin each morning with an Orthos service and conclude each evening with a Vespers service. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy outdoors on Thursday. Also, the campers have an opportunity to participate in Holy Confession during the week. (Each year there is a high participation in the sacrament of Holy Confession)

Other Activities: Include our Annual Olympics, Contest Night, Scavenger Hunt, Song & Skit Night, Fire side chats, Poetry night, Star gazing. There is also an overnight Camp-out for the senior cabins.